HotDog Day - wrap-up party - Sat June 21

We finished the 2014 season at Wilson Park

Updated Wednesday June 22, 2016 by Stanley Park Baseball.

Finally - a finale with weather fitting for a great outdoor celebration. First day of summer and sunny and warm!

With several championship games needing extra innings, proceedings got off to a later start than planned but, at an accellerated pace, all the players received their trophies well before our 1 p.m. swan song by Erick Traplin.

It's always hard to estimate the number of attendees but, if there were 700, then each person had to eat 2+ hot dogs. (Over 1,400 hot dogs were consumed!) Anyway, it was a great crowd - a little congested at times but, overall, a happy crowd - a group worthy of a great wrap-up party!


  • Championship games for Senior Tball and 3-Pitch started at 9:00 am 
  • All 16 blastball teams had games starting at 10:00 am 
  • Music by Erick Traplin, refreshments, booths, etc. opened by 10:30 am including the Rangers Street Team, face-painters, jumping castle and the Waterloo Regional Police.  Lucky draw entires available to participants at the various booths.
  • Players started picking up their trading cards by 10:30 am 
  • Team equipment was returned for check in and team coaches picked up their team's refreshment tickets. 
  • Refreshments tickets were available for others for a nominal donation. 
  • 10:55 am - The umpires were summoned to collect their paycheques
  • Procedural announcements were made approx. 11:05 am while waiting for all the championship games to finish.
  • The official opening ceremonies were delayed to approx: 11:20 am  
  • First of 4 draws for passes provided by Canoeing the Grand.
  • Championship trophies were presnted to the Senior T-Ball, and 3-Pitch divisions between approx. 11:30 and 11:40 am.
  • Approx. 11:55 am - Blastball team coaches picked up the photo packages, trophies, outstanding player cards, volunteer pins, etc. for their teams. 
  • Appox. 12:10 pm - Junior T-Ball coaches picked up their team's goodies. 
  • Approx: 12:20 pm - Senior T-Ball coaches were paged to pickup..
  • Approx: 12:30 pm. - Junior 3-Pitch & Senior 3-Pitch coaches picked up..
  • 12:45 pm - closing remarks and balance of thank-yous
  • Elimination contest for the 3 unclaimed Canoeing the Grand draw prizes
  • 1:00 pm - Erick stopped playing, festvities ended and we started getting ready for next year!  Everyone was invited to pitch-in and help cleanup.

Hopefully everyone appreciated the fact that this was a party and stayed, if they could, to enjoy the festivities. Thanks to all those who helped at this event - it takes over 30 volunteers with many putting in over 8 hours for this event alone.  Thanks are extended to Tentworks for the tables & chairs and several of the large tents, Schneiders and Canada Bread for deals on the hot dogs and buns respectively, and Zehrs (Stanley Park) and Food Basics for giving us some breaks on the balance of the food including drinks, condiments, etc. 

Thanks to all those who helped coach and manage the teams. We can provide the structure but it's all up to the individual teams (usually parents/relatives) to ensure that, win or lose - rain or shine - their team's players enjoy the experience while improving their skills and learning about the game.

Have a great summer and, keep practising!

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