Upcoming Events

Exhibition: Sportco @ R & S Screening
6:30 PM
Franklin School - # 3 (Near the church)
TD Bank @ Sportco
9:00 AM
Wilson Park # 4 (Behind the Community Centre)


Senior T-Ball
Team W L T PTS
Sportco 5 1 1 11
PM Windows 5 2 0 10
TD Bank 5 2 0 10
PSG Masonry 3 3 1 7
R & S Screening 3 4 0 6
First Choice Haircutters 3 4 0 6
Durnin Motors 2 5 0 4
ATS 1 6 0 2


Senior T-Ball
Thursday, June 14, 2018
Sportco 10
PSG Masonry 9
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Sportco 9
First Choice Haircutters 10

Wednesday June 20th - 6:30pm
Exhibition: Sportco @ R & S Screening
Franklin School - # 3 (Near the church)
  • Game on - Let's get out and play!

    We have the diamond, the players and ... No rain in the forecast and not too hot! Keep cool and ensure the participants are as well. SEE YOU AT THE GAME... !
  • Cold First Game

    The players got through a chilly opener
  • Hot Dog Day

    This is the annual wrap-up party for the Blastball, T-Ball and 3-Pitch program. Since 2012, the season has ended with a wrap-up party and championship finals at Wilson Park. (Prior to that it was held at ... More
  • Welcome to the Sportco team's website

    Welcome to T-Ball for the 2017 season - and the SPORTCO team!. We plan to have fun, learn some baseball, and grow as good sports. This website has our schedule, notices, photos of the team in action, resu... More
  • Lots of guidance here for everyone

    Here's a whole bunch of articles that should be of interest to players & parents involved in our program. We strongly encourage everyone to be familiar with the material - not only for your own benefit but e... More
  • We are absolutely Tobacco Free

    We are "Tobacco Free". We do not permit use of tobacco products in any form at any of our events - nor simulation thereof. This means: NO smoking - NO chewing tobacco - NO candy cigarettes NO "vapor" smokin... More
  • 2017 Hot Dog Day at Wilson Park

    What a great day to wind up our season and celebrate the start of summer. The Kitchener Citizen team won the Senior T-Ball Championship, TextNow the Junior 3-Pitch Championship and PSG Plumbing the Senior 3-P... More